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Current Aurora II Problems Listed (Links to some solutions in first post)

  • Battery Stats showing wrong percentages (stuck at 100%) This is fixed. Check in here http://www.slatedroi...rcentage-stuck/
  • Frequent Wifi drops/ Low connectivity - Soved by performing thopman's mod in here else you should be OK on newer roms.
  • Sometimes tablet wont wake up after going to sleep mode - Temporal solution is to keep wifi always on
  • Constant pop sound from speakers after tablet goes to sleep
  • No bluetooth support (Tablet was advertised as supporting external bluetooth) - DS24, CM10, CM9 roms support external bluetooth.
  • Auto-rotation stops working - Read this post by lexar
  • Many 3G dongles not supported just a few ainol approved ones - Use PPP Widget from the play store to temporarily solve this issue. Needs a rom with root access enabled.
  • SD card error checking: Preparing sd card after every boot. (Sometimes takes about 30mins to finish checking) - Please refer to first post in herehttp://www.slatedroi...o-mount-solved/
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